Our Products

We are specialized in remanufacturing and recycling laser printer toner
cartridges for almost every printer on the market, backed by our satisfaction
guarantee. We provide the following

Laser Printers

Laser Star has been selling and leasing top of the line Laser Printers for its clients, depending on their needs and best fit solutions, whether it be brand new printers or Refurbished, with our warranty or the manufactures own. 

Carbotek Cartridges

Carbotek is our remanufactured toner cartridge brand that has been present in the local and regional market ever since 1991, Carbotek toner cartridges has a Life cycle warranty on all its toners and comparable only to OEM toner cartridges from the prospect of quality and paper yield. All carbotek brands have recoated Magnetic Rollers from CF TECHNOGY.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

In the effort to sustain productivity, Laser Star provides OEM and aftermarket top quality spare parts to its clients for their printers and toner cartridges, as well as CISS solutions to their inkjet and wide format printers.